Certified Registered Fox Red Labrador Retrievers
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Healthy Start

Scientific data shows that 35% of a dog’s performance is inherited but 65% is based on other influences such as training, environment and nutrition.

We employ the early neurological stimulation program developed and implemented by the U.S. military in the 1970’s called “Bio-sensor” a.k.a. “Super Dog” program. The Bio-sensor program induces early neurological stimulations that produces dogs with improved heart rate, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, higher stress tolerance and greater resistance to disease. In learning tests, stimulated pups were found to be more active and inquisitive, more emotional balanced and had superior problem solving abilities.

Socialization extends well beyond ordinary encounters with the breeder. Full socialization involves parent dogs, littermates, other dogs, people of all ages, genders and races. Our pups are given a variety of opportunities and interactive encounters to help them integrate and overcome emotional hurdles. Improperly socialized puppies may develop difficulties coping with the challenges and interacting with people, other dogs and environments.

Enrichment extends well into adulthood. This includes offering pups a variety of sights, sounds and textures. It gives them a balance of experiences and environments that challenge their curiosity and intelligence.

For more information on Early Neurological Stimulation:

The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete

A recommended read for any new puppy owner.

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A recommended read for any new puppy owner.

About Pinkerton Red Labs

  • Gorgeous Certified Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppies

  • Sold by breeder. Mother on site, father local

  • Home raised and well socialized pups

  • Genetic clearances for sire and dam

  • CKC registered and microchipped

  • Vet examined and first vaccinations

Frequently Asked Questions

Labs make excellent family members.They generally adapt very well to family environment and are usually good with children and other pets.

Yes, Labs shed mainly 2 times per year but will shed a bit between their shedding seasons also. If your are looking for a non-shedding dog, a lab is not for you.

Labs require little grooming. Their short sleek hair rarely picks up burs or debris. They are easy to wash and tend to dry quickly.

The average size for a lab is 55-80lb but some can reach 100lb

Labs have lots of energy (moderate to high) and love to be exercised but they don’t tend to be a hyperactive breed.

Labs are smart and eager to please. With consistent training, they do well learning commands and performing tricks.

Labs are used frequently as guide dogs, therapy dogs, police, search-and-rescue, field dogs, hunting dogs, agility training, water “dock dogs.”

Healthy labs generally live 12-14 years.

Labs are a large breed dog and as such may develop hip dysplasia or retinal eye disease.

Genetic clearances refer to tests that have been done on the sire and/or dam that indicate that they have been tested for genetic health risks and are clear of those health problems. This is important for someone purchasing a puppy for that family line to minimize genetic health risks in their new family pet.

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